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Fieldmeister LK
This powerful heavy seed bed combination is optimal for intensive seed bed preparation.
The flat spring levels out coarse furrows, robust double spring tines aerate, crumble and incorporate stubble and plant residue, Güttler PW rollers reconsolidate the seedbed.
This is the ideal stubble cultivator after harvesting. There are 2 and 3-row tine versions. The tines handle deep processing (between 15 and 33 cm), then the disk section crushes the soil, and the Guttler patented roller consolidates the top soil layer.
SuperMaxx 30/50/60
The SuperMaxx is without doubt the most versatile tined cultivator available on the market. The depth adjustment on the tines makes this cultivator ideal for breaking down the top layers of soil when incorporating stubble or chitting cereal volunteers and black grass control, or seed bed preparation.
SuperMaxx 900/1000/1200
This is the trailed version of SuperMaxx 30/50/60 series. It is available in working widths of 9, 10 and 12 m. As standard it is equipped with flat spring section that levels out coarse furrows, 7 rows of tines and Güttler roller to reconsolidate the seedbed.
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Wallner StrawMaster is a 5-row straw harrow used for integrating the post-harvest remnants into the soil, for restoring the permanent grass growths in grass fields, and pre-sowing soil preparation up to 5 cm in the spring season.
WTL 300/6 Subsoiler
The soil is deep loosened and aerated without being turned. So the vegetation cover is saved. The machine is with 3 right and respectively 3 left bended prongs made of hardened special steel with a sheer off protection.
Cutter CM series
Double cutter bar for front and rear mounting.
2.5 and 3 m working with rigid frame variants are available, as well as hydraulically foldable with 4.5, 5, 6 and 7.20 meters working width.
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Guttler Primus Plus 300-2

Wallner Straw Master